Tourism & Food Services

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Advanced applications for hotels and restaurants.

At ZeusRFID we are proud of the projects we have implemented in award-winning hotel groups that are a jewel in the global tourism industry.

The most popular RFID applications in the tourism industry are: Asset Management, Linen Management and Access Control.

With asset management the hotel or group has full supervision of the valuable assets of the hotel. Each property is registered in its place (reception, restaurant, leisure area, suite etc.) and its management is easy and fast. The financial staff knows the quantity, the condition and the position of each asset in real time. Unnecessary purchases are avoided, the staff is aware and handles the assets responsibly, the maintenance and replacement of the assets is done in a timely and accurate manner on each asset.

Accordingly, the housekeeping department of each hotel is responsible for the adequacy and proper use of linen. Items such as bathrobes, towels, bed linen, restaurant linen and staff uniforms acquire their own electronic identity with a ZeusRFID tag. Now we can control the quantities of each item, to know the degree of their wear (from how many times it was washed) and to significantly reduce the losses.

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Technology in restaurants

  • contactless menu
  • order table
  • smart labels
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Additional applications and technologies

  • interactive screens
  • digital signage
  • maintenance with NFC
  • smart apps for intelligent hotel


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