Where can I use RFID?

RFID technology is widely used as the most efficient way of Auto Identification and Data Capturing (AIDC). Because of this efficiency, it is used in many applications as the optimal solution to electronically detect physical entities. It is often combined with other technologies (MES, ERP, WMS, AI, AR / VR, etc.). The advantages of RFID technology – among others – are summarized below:

No visual contact with the object is required.
RFID readers can recognize hundreds of RFID tags in seconds.
RFID tags can be read remotely. Depending on the frequency it can reach up to 100 meters.
Each RFID tag has a unique identifier (tag id), so each object that is detected acquires its own unique electronic identity which will be recognized by the software.
RFID tags can be of a special type for exceptional conditions depending on the use case. E.g. tamper-proof, high temperature, low temperature, rugged, Washable, etc.
In combination with RFID readers / antennas / portals, we can create a fully automated system without the need for human intervention.
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Below you can see its most common applications and some more innovative ones!

Asset Management

RFID technology is becoming increasingly popular in asset management systems. The applications of this category are numerous and are addressed to practically every sector and every business.

Essentially, tags and readers are used to identify the physical assets of an organization and with the help of the software, to perform the required actions such as: transfer of the asset from one place to another, recognition of an asset, change of status (eg from functional to worn), inventory of fixed assets.

Asset management is a valuable tool in any organization and especially in the Financial Directorates to effectively control their assets and supplies.

Examples: Hotels and Tourism Businesses, Telecommunications Companies, Shipping Companies, Hospital Organizations, Armed Forces and any business group or unit that manages fixed assets.

Returnable Transport Item Tracking with RFID (RTI)

From production and transportation to consumption, the products produced and marketed by the companies are packaged in various containers which are returned. RTIs include:

  • Containers
  • Buckets
  • Pallets
  • Shelves
  • Boxes
  • Barrels
  • Crates

RTIs are essential for the safe transport of products to the supply chain. ZeusRFID can help companies monitor their RTIs through RFID. The RFID system, when installed, monitors the departure and arrival of products as well as the usage cycle of RTIs.

The system administrator always knows where each item is located to avoid losses and unnecessary expenses. At the same time, it can diagnose the points that delay the use cycle in order to correct the problems that delay the flow and circulation of RTIs.

RFID Library Systems

Librarians have to manage thousands of items (books, media, etc.) at each site. Instead of relying solely on a barcode, adding a simple, discreet RFID tag to each item makes tracking and protecting these items less time consuming.

An RFID library system improves the efficiency of daily tasks. This is mainly due to two points of superiority:

  • RFID tags are much faster to read than barcodes.
  • RFID receivers “read” many products at once, speeding up and facilitating sorting and organizing.


We also achieve immediate and very fast inventory of material because we detect books on the shelves without overturning or removing them. Directly and wirelessly, the hand reader informs the “warehouse” and identifies the data which can e.g. be in the wrong place.

Finally, the delivery / receipt process is simplified with automatic self-check-in / check-out. Your customers / members can be served through an automated collection-delivery system that does not require human intervention. As a result, staff will be able to engage in other tasks, saving time and workload.

RFID Linen Systems

ZeusRFID linen management system for towels, toiletries, hairdressing, spa, gym, bedding, uniforms, etc., allows full monitoring of their use cycle.

For example, an industrial washing machine and its customers can monitor the movement of linen at any time and from anywhere.

Hotels and healthcare facilities monitor and manage their inventory, organize the use of their linens and optimize the processes of purchasing new materials.

All the above companies can also through the RFID system know the life time of each linen, their condition, how many times they have been washed and other important information.

Monitoring of documents and folders with RFID

RFID tags are attached to documents, folders, and files. With the help of readers and software, their management and monitoring becomes easier and faster. Companies, hospitals, banking institutions and legal entities rely on records, printed documents, photographs and other physical material to make important decisions.

The ZeusRFID document management system can prevent important items from being lost, misplaced, or removed from the building.

ZeusRFID has special labels for managing documents and folders. We also have tracking systems so that it is possible to monitor the progress of an item even outside the organization.

Access control

RFID access control systems work to determine who, where and when someone enters a building, a room or a classified area. It allows you to have information about the number of people in an organization or event, such as a conference, sporting event or music festival, as well as to allow or deny people access to specific places.

The same operation can be done in a company to have the control of the schedule (arrival / departure) of the employees, the access points within the company with their respective classification but also the control of the people who visit the offices of the company. The system allows you to set safety valves and define the rules of access to sensitive areas (offices, file, lab, server room, etc.).

You can specify in addition to the people who have access, the hours and days of entry, the holidays and the staff leave. It can also be combined with other security technologies e.g. Biometrics, 2FA.

Access control can be extended to vehicles. The system automates and accelerates the process of entry and exit of vehicles in your facilities. More specifically, we place an RFID reader on the portal which will recognize the card or the RFID tag. The identity is automatically confirmed and access is allowed or denied, without human intervention.


Health & Pharmaceutical Industry

Health organizations are increasingly investing in RFID technology to take advantage of the huge number of applications that can benefit. At ZeusRFID we develop and design multilevel solutions for the industry. Let’s look briefly at some:

RFID in patient care:

  • Used to identify and verify patient data.
  • By identifying a patient and a drug, the risk of misdiagnosis in patients is zero and in addition the drug waste is reduced.
  • Using RFID drastically reduces waiting times and bottlenecks.
  • Helps to quickly locate patients and health professionals on the premises of the health unit.

Management of medical tools:

Surgical instruments such as scalpels, clamps, etc., are needed daily for surgeries. Therefore, this equipment must always be available, clean, disinfected and ready for use. Checking these items with RFID ensures that each tool is sterilized before use and is available.

The technology can be applied to other objects. From gauze, vials and other everyday objects, to the monitoring of blood, plasma, bottles etc. ensuring the safety of materials and their continuous availability.

Medical equipment management:

Health units use a variety of instruments, machines, diagnostic tools but also furniture, electronic devices, etc. Most of them are of high value in hospitals and may occasionally be missing or in the wrong place.

Monitoring such items is critical in hospitals because they are costly to replace. In addition, some of these assets are not immediately available and will take time to replace. Using an RFID system is an ideal way to track these assets inside the building.

Access Control – Security:

Security is another aspect of using RFID to restrict access to certain rooms or areas. The system not only prevents unauthorized access to areas, but provides patients, medicines and medical equipment with a level of security that prevents theft or damage.

Linen monitoring:

Towels, blankets and sheets, medical staff uniforms are just a few examples of clothing found in every hospital. Each of these items must be washed and disinfected for use before the next patient is admitted.

An effective way to track these items, as well as ensure they are sterile, is by using an RFID system.

Inventory Management / Loyalty Assurance:

Hospitals have a dynamic supply of medicines and consumables that must be monitored in order to maintain the right stocks for patients. The use of RFID can reduce inventory time by allowing medicines to be measured more frequently, ensuring accurate data and sufficient quantities of medicines.

Some hospitals and pharmaceutical manufacturers also use RFID tags for authentication purposes. Counterfeiting increases due to the high cost often associated with prescription drugs. Thus, many companies have chosen to use RFID as an authentication or anti-counterfeiting resource. This is achieved by placing an RFID tag on or inside a bottle or medicine box and encrypting it with specific information so that hospitals and pharmacies can verify that the medicines they have are genuine.

Tamper proof RFID tags are also used in these applications to ensure quality.

ZeusRFID & Healthcare:

At ZeusRFID we have the range of solutions described above for healthcare units.

In our company you will find access control systems, staff and patient identification, equipment management systems as well as linen and clothing management.

We also have a huge variety of special type labels, which are suitable for applications in the field of health.





RFID technology has already begun to revolutionize the retail sector. RFID helps to increase the visibility of the product stock, helps to better control inventory and this has the effect of improving the customer shopping experience.

Real-time stock awareness is especially useful in stores and chains that use multiple sales channels (omni-channel), where customers select products online and look for them in the physical store. With RFID you know at any time the stock in real time, as well as the point of storage or distribution for each product.

RFID checkout reduces waiting times, as it allows a buyer to pay automatically at an automatic checkout point. In addition it helps with dynamic pricing and reduces theft.

At ZeusRFID we combine technologies and design retail solutions with RFID and intelligent systems with screens, tablets and much more.

Logistics & Supply Chain

RFID technology contributes decisively to increase efficiency, reduce errors (losses) and improve the quality of services provided.

In the demanding logistics environment, the immediate receipt of key real-time data is absolutely essential.

RFID will provide responses to inventory control, receipt and delivery management, and full supply chain oversight.

Event Management

Road racing, marathons as well as other sports activities implement one of the most popular uses of RFID, where participants are timed to the checkpoints data seamlessly and intact. The RFID tag is placed on the athlete’s tab and is of a special type so that it is not affected by athletes’ sweat or other strains.

RFID systems use the benefits of this technology to gather useful information (business intelligence) at events such as trade shows, conferences, corporate events and other large gatherings. RFID provides the visibility and data required to validate and identify participants before, during and after the event.