RFID in Live Occupancy

Control the number of visitors in your business!

With the advent of the new coronavirus Covid 19, but also the new health requirements that have been set, the need for live monitoring of your business visitors is now more important than ever!

Follow the rules of physical/ social distancing by monitoring the number of people entering and leaving your facilities! Inform your customers by displaying real-time visual alerts when occupancy limits are reached.

ZeusRFID’ Live Occupancy system constantly monitors the number of people entering your premises and relays the data on color-coded displays. This way, you and your customers know at any time the number of people inside, the set limit and other useful information.

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Which method are you using to check the allowed limit of customers in your premises?

Entry pass

In order to handout entry pass cards to your customers, you employ your company staff or security staff. A process that is time consuming, outdated and distracts staff from their actual duties!

At an unnecessary cost!

In order to handout entry pass cards to your customers, you employ your company staff or security staff. A process that is time consuming, outdated and distracts staff from their actual duties!

Unhygienic for customers and staff!

We all become more wary when it comes to touching objects used publicly, such as entrance cards.

Deteriorating the shopping experience!

Customers, waiting in line for a while without being aware of the flow, develop negative feelings which in turn lead to reduced customer satisfaction.

Lack of feedback!

Entry pass cards do not provide information about the flow of customers to the store or any other metrics. It’s impossible to collect data on queues, inputs, outputs and generally no information about your customers!

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Service Concept

With the retail analytics system, your business has access to key elements of customer behavior!

Installation of sensors at entry/exit points for automatic measurement of customer flow and occupancy levels.

Occupancy levels are displayed onto color coded screens which allow/deny entrance.

Customize screen display with store colors, fonts and logos.

Inform your customers and staff remotely (online via email/SMS) about store occupancy levels.

Live Occupancy is merely the beginning!

One system, multiple benefits

The system counts each customer and how long he stayed in the store
Informs on how many passers-by actually entered the store
Analyzes the hot and cold spots of your store (heat mapping) based on the movements of the customers
Provides knowledge on how many visitors left without making a purchase
Provides knowledge on customer movements, engagement, time spent on different aisles, products
Monitors and displays the performance of the store in real time
Ranks stores based on performance (visitors / sales)
Calculates the waiting time at the checkout or service queue
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Performance enhancing metrics

Footfall analytics: how attractive the store is and what it can do to increase inbound customers
Conversion Rate Improvement: What percentage of visitors made a purchase
Service Time Optimization: How fast customers are served at various points (cash register, fish monger, fitting room, etc.)
Promotion Results: We accurately measure the effectiveness of promotional activities
Each RFID tag has a unique identifier (tag id), so each object that is detected is allocated with a unique record in our software
Comparative Performance Awareness: Continuous improvement of results and performance per store / employee / area etc
Saving: Instant savings of the control card costs!
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Advantages of Live Occupancy System

Discover all the advantages of the retail analytics system!

Customer & Employee Safety

Savings on capital & resources

Enhanced customer satisfaction

Business Intelligence