ZeusRFID solutions in retail stores (and warehouses)

Augment sales, streamline operations, delight customers, increase your ROI!

Increase your sales today!

RFID technology has already begun to revolutionize the retail sector. RFID helps to increase the visibility of the product stock which helps to control inventory better and improves the shopping experience of customers.

Real-time stock awareness is especially useful in stores and chains that use multiple sales channels (omni-channel), where customers select products online and look for them in the physical store. With RFID you know at any time the stock in real time, as well as the point of storage or distribution for each product.

RFID checkout reduces waiting times, as it allows a buyer to pay automatically at an automatic checkout point. In addition it helps with automated invoicing and reduces theft.

At ZeusRFID we combine technologies and design retail solutions with RFID and intelligent systems with screens, tablets and much more.

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Boost Sales! Achieve Operational Excellence!

RFID allows us to modularly build the solution you really need. It is scalable and we can customize it to your liking. By investing in a basic RFID infrastructure, you get the opportunity to expand gradually, introducing when and where you want additional solutions.

These can be interactive applications or even the retail Internet of Things.

Let’s see together how we can define those elements you need to increase your efficiency, productivity and ultimately your sales.

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RFID Tag - The Information Center!

At the heart of RFID systems is the ZeusRFID tag. It is the new identity of your products. Having placed the labels, we will help you develop additional applications in management functions such as inventory, cash register, logistics, anti-theft protection, etc.

We also give you the ability to use interactive application technologies in conjunction with touch screens. Finally, you can take advantage of the Business Intelligence function from the Internet of Things application, as well as the collection and processing of Big Data from each of your stores in real time!

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The RFID Tag - Items & Features

So to give a new identity to our products, we use the electronic label, the ZeusRFID tag. With its unique number, we identify each product. We have ZeusRFID tags in many types depending on the requirements of each solution. They are integrated in your products in the distribution center or in your central warehouse.

RFID Handheld Reader

With the RFID Handheld Reader you can:

  • Inventory of products in the warehouse and on the shelf of your store, saving up to 90% of the time.
  • Check receipts by quickly and accurately scanning the items and quantities you receive.
  • Transfer stock from one place to another, easily and safely.
  • Identify differences between physical and digital stock so that you never get the wrong picture in the actual stock of products.
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RFID Checkout Counter Management

With the RFID desktop reader at the checkout you can:

  • Reduce customer downtime with faster payment procedures.
  • Improve the customer’s shopping experience and overall satisfaction by simplifying the payment process.
  • Detect items and turn EAS Flag on / off
  • The system is installed on the counter, or recessed to save space.
  • The ZeusRFID checkout is plug & play and connects directly to the accounting or ERP application you are already using.
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Anti-theft applications

With RFID technology, you can install systems in your store that will protect your products from attempted theft. Some of the applications used by our company are:

  • Pedestals (Entrance – Exit Gates) with an opening of up to four meters.
  • Advanced Mat – RFID safety mat, discreet, frees the entrance from constructions.
  • AdvanSafe – Top protection with RFID wall readers!
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Interactive Applications

Select one or more of the available Zeus RFID interactive RFID systems and:

  • Create more attractive, more upgraded, more modern points of sale
  • Increase traffic to your chain
  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors
  • Take the shopping experience to the next level in your stores
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Smart Labels

The Smart Label opens a direct line of communication between the consumer and the product whether it is on the shelf of a store, at home or on the go.

With NFC technology, consumers approach the tag with their smartphone and are taken to a customized landing page, to see a video or any other digital content provided by the brand. The company can see the digital activity of the tags in real time from the ZeusRFID Smart Label platform.

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Interactive RFID Applications

Advanced Assistant

Advanced Assistant is the basic application to which we add any interactive solutions we choose. With Advanced Assistant we can:

  • to ask for help from a colleague (eg to bring us another item / number) without interrupting contact with the customer we serve
  • to promote sales of specific items
  • to offer personalized service to our customers.

Smart Recommender (Advan Look)

When the customer approaches the interactive screen, the system detects the garment they hold through the ZeusRFID tag you have placed on your products and automatically starts displaying information about it.

In addition to useful information (type, size, color) will also display suggestions for combinations, so you can increase cross selling products!

The increase in sales from cross selling recommendations, can reach up to 25%!

Lift & Learn

With Lift & Learn, customers simply pick up a product and see on-screen benefits, expert advice, product videos and other recommended products.


  • Increases sales in retail stores
  • Increases the conversion rate
  • Increases cross-selling
  • Improves customer experience
  • Provides recommendations
  • Fun to use
  • It also serves as an advertising space
  • Creates information about user interests (user interest feedback, buying trends)
  • Content and user interface can be updated remotely

Smart Fitting Room

The Smart Fitting Room uses RFID technology along with a touch screen, to improve the shopping experience of customers in the store’s testing room! It is an innovative technology that your customers will love!

The system recognizes the clothes the customer takes to the fitting room from the RFID tag. The customer’s interaction through a touch screen allows him to ask for another size or color without leaving the fitting room, while at the same time accepting suggestions from the system that recommends other combination products.