Physical to Digital Marketing

Smart Labels

ZeusRFID’ Smart Labels offer a direct line of communication between your products and your customers. Customers can access product information and features wherever they are; in-store, at home, or even on the go!!!

With NFC technology, consumers access the tag (ZeusRFID’ Smart Labels) with their smartphone and are taken to a customized landing page, to see a video, play a game, or experience any other digital content provided by the YOU. The company can monitor the digital activity of the tags in real time using ZeusRFID’ Smart Labels platform.

4 in 5 consumers get information and prices for products from their mobile phone.
4 in 5 consumers are affected for their purchases by social media publications (comments, reviews, influencers).
62% of consumers are more loyal to a brand that is in contact with them on social media.
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Why do I need ZeusRFID Smart Labels?

Consumers are constantly searching for new products. They also use Google, Instagram, e-shops and social media for shopping and product information, influencing search engine algorithms. Millennials, in particular, rely on their mobile phones to evaluate and buy products. It is difficult for a company to directly influence the customer remotely.

The opportunity but also the challenge for companies today, is to improve their position and stand out in a market where there is an abundance of competitive products. Every Euro invested in advertising has to work.

Millennials want to co-create products with companies: 42% are interested in helping develop new products and services. This offers them more experience and makes them more loyal to the brands that provide them with this opportunity.

The most successful brands in the coming years will be those that focus on high quality, innovation and uniqueness of their products, using technologies that will allow them to stay in touch with consumers socially / digitally on a daily basis. A modern brand must find ways to differentiate its products and build a relationship with consumers.

  • How does your company build its relationship with consumers?
  • How do you ensure that your communication is effective and has an impact on your customer base?
  • Do you speak your customers’ language? Are you up to date with them in terms of technology?
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How do NFC ZeusRFID Smart Labels work?

We place or integrate the NFC Tags in posters, clothes, products and we codify them, that is, we assign them to display communication material.
The user scans with his device the NFC Smart Label on the product or on the shelf where the product is placed to see the advertising message.
The chosen content appears on the screen of the visitor’s device as soon as he gets close enough to the NFC Smart Label.
If the same visitor approaches the same NFC Smart Label again, they will automatically receive a different message than the first one.

Key Benefits of NFC Smart Label by ZeusRFID

Open and maintain a direct channel of communication with the consumer without intervening sources (search engines & social media platforms).
Offer a unique, innovative digital experience to your customers. Boost your reputation.
Any object/product can be instantly turned into a communication channel at any time.
ZeusRFID Smart Label mobile marketing platform offers you ultimate control of communication with the consumer regardless of product location.
Gain knowledge on consumer trends and behaviors.
Gain insight on your customer base and adjust your brand strategy accordingly.
Create promotional products with ZeusRFID’ Smart Labels (coasters, magnets, etc.) that will keep you connected with your customers and products.
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NFC Smart Label by ZeusRFID Proof of Concept

The application of NFC smart labels onto interactive coasters and interactive packaging (tag on carton) in the USA produced the following results:

Vast increase in tap rates by consumers (enhanced consumer engagement).
Customers were thrilled with the “wow” factor of interactive coasters. Consumers often took coasters home as an innovative and useful souvenir.
Growing trend of “engaged” consumers who continued to be interested and ask for more information about the product.
7% increase of taps on a weekly basis.
13% – 17.5% increase in website conversions, compared to other marketing channels.
92% increase in mobile traffic on the arrival/landing page.
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