What is NFC?

The literal interpretation of the term means Near Field Communication. This is a technology used to transfer data between 2 devices. At ZeusRFID we use NFC technology in many applications as you can see below. The first device (labels, stickers, etc.) is activated inductively and emits information that can be read by the second device. This could be a cell phone, a tablet, a reader, a laptop and other handheld devices. The applications are already many and as the technology is constantly evolving, the number of use cases is increasing exponentially.

At ZeusRFID we have developed various NFC based applications. For example in access systems, in the army and in security teams for patrolling, in marketing applications through the Smart Label platform but also autonomously, in catering through the Zero Touch Menu, and elsewhere.

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Advantages of NFC Technology

NFC is already integrated into almost all modern Android & iOS smartphones without the need for an App.
NFC technology is standardized worldwide offering a wide range of applications – industry, logistics, marketing, automotive, MMM, etc.
The operating frequency of the NFC is 13.56 MHz (RFID HF class), the data transmission is inductive and based on standards such as ISO14443, ISO15693 and others.
The maximum connection distance is 5 cm although it can go up in special cases with the appropriate equipment and up to 30-40 cm.
Each NFC tag has a unique identification number. Thus, each product can be uniquely recognizable.
The NFC tag can be integrated in any design (product, packaging, card, label, cap, etc.), without requiring visual contact with the receiver.
The data in the tag can be completed, read and changed at any time. Also the tag can be locked and its details can not be modified for security reasons.
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Below you can see its most common applications and some more innovative ones!


The applications of NFC technologies as smart labels are truly inexhaustible.

  • On the shelf: By placing smart labels on your products, the customer can receive information about the product, ingredients, origin, view audiovisual material and much more that will help your products stand out.
  • In the store: Customers will be able to see information about your products, e.g. washing information for clothes, technical characteristics for appliances, etc.
  • At home: By changing the “character” in the NFC tag, your customers after purchasing your products can see useful information such as assembly instructions, warranty, recipes and usage, new products, etc.
  • Events: Create activities such as competitions, treasure hunting, etc. with smart labels that you will place on your products or in your spaces.

Advertising: Place Smart labels on posters, benches, bus stops, etc. and enhance the visibility of your products.

At ZeusRFID we have developed many marketing applications based on NFC tags, with or without the use of the smart labels platform. We have a huge range of NFC tags to choose the one that best suits your products.

Access Control

Many access control systems use NFC technology for authentication and allow access to secure locations. At ZeusRFID we have developed solutions with fixed readers and NFC plastic cards for access control systems.

Attendance Tracking

NFC tags are often used on ID cards / badges to record and control the input and output of a site and to maintain the corresponding files. This application is often integrated into an access control system. At ZeusRFID we have completed similar Projects with great success.


On a ship the information about the means of protection and rescue is of the utmost importance. With an NFC tag on each dinghy, fire nest, lifeboat, or other control point, we can immediately see their status and the necessary information that accompanies it. For example, when they were inspected, when they were repaired, when the current one expires and they have to go through maintenance again, the rest of their life cycle, when they have to withdraw etc.

At ZeusRFID we have NFC tags with resistance to extremely adverse sea conditions, suitable for use on board.

Assets Audit

NFC tags can be part of a fixed asset control and management system. With the help of the ZeusRFID asset management platform, they can be used to help us extract important information about the assets to which they are attached. For example, the serial number, the date of purchase, the value of the asset, when the last maintenance was done and when the next one should take place, etc.

Payments / Transactions

Contactless transaction cards and contactless payment methods use NFC technology. At ZeusRFID we have developed a cashless payment network for a range of products.

Transportation - Smart tickets

Public transportation (metro, tram, bus, train, etc.) uses NFC tags as tickets. At ZeusRFID we have a wide range of NFC tags that can be used for similar applications in local, urban long distance or other types of transport.

Medical care

NFC offers greater accuracy and ease of prescribing medications, easier patient check-in, payments, patient status monitoring, file tracking with NFC tagging embedded in patient charts, and more.

Also, health professionals control treatment programs better and can support patient care more easily.

The future of NFC in healthcare is very promising and many health structures have already started investing in this direction. At ZeusRFID we have the products and know-how for every NFC project in the healthcare industry.

Tourism and Restaurants

Tourism and Restaurants have as their object the customer service. The NFC tag is used in many applications: contactless menu, as a specific offer code, to activate and connect to a Wi-Fi network, to view items online, to promote digital content and much more.

At ZeusRFID we have developed corresponding applications such as e.g., Smart Label etc.

Cultural Sites

Visiting cultural sites, such as museums, archeological areas, monuments, galleries, libraries and any cultural site, can benefit from the use of NFC tags. They will be used to display information about the exhibit, the site or the history of the place, to connect with social networks and much more.

By placing a Smart Label on the products of the stores, we keep in touch with the visitors even after visiting wherever they are in the world. We inform them about our news, we encourage interactivity, we strengthen our presence on social media and we keep alive the memory of the visit.

See more, as well as the NFC services we provide to ZeusRFID in the Culture sector here.


Smart labels are used in modern manufacturing to identify each product from the different stages of in-process processing, packaging, transportation and tracking of products during shipment. Unique identification numbers allow manufacturers to effectively manage products in the event of a refund during the warranty period for replacement, maintenance and repair.

The tracking of each product in the production stages and after it is consumed becomes easier than ever.

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