ZeusRFID in Manufacturing

Creating a smarter, more connected manufacturing plant!

Why is RFID needed in Industry?

The solutions we propose as ZeusRFID to the industry can meet many different industry challenges. For example safety issues, facilitation of quality control processes, acceleration and optimization of production as well as asset management.

The biggest advantage of RFID technology in an industrial environment is the data – the information – that can be obtained so that you can make the right decisions at the right time.

With ZeusRFID industrial systems you can digitally transform all the processes from import of raw materials, production and export of final products.

RFID can bridge the gap between production systems (MES), management systems (ERP) and production floor. Technology has the potential to deliver massive data at a much higher level of accuracy and detail than other alternatives.

We help you identify bottlenecks, organize traceability and reduce labor and costs required and related to materials management and replenishment.

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RFID Applications in Industry

Inventory traceability

Placing RFID tags on raw materials, WIP products and finished products provides real-time visibility throughout the production process, ie continuous data flow to improve decision making.

Equipment Monitoring

Placing RFID tags on equipment (tools, machinery, etc.) helps identify lost assets needed to plan and carry out production.

Reduction of transportation costs

The RFID application assists in data accuracy, allowing an industry to implement JIT inventory management strategies. This helps reduce inventory transportation costs as items are replenished as needed, keeping supplies under control without unnecessary purchases in large quantities.

Routing of shipments

RFID systems can carry data related to predefined paths. Once production is complete, this data can be used to improve outbound logistics, speeding up processes, and reducing costs and labor required.

Employee Supervision & Safety

RFID can also be used to monitor and manage staff activity. RFID badges can be used to control access to accredited zones, to associate people-machines-work, and to increase employee productivity at your facility.

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IIoT applications in industry

The IIoT scope covers a wide range of connected “things” both inside and outside the factory. For example, many IoT projects include holistic intelligent factory solutions with many elements such as production floor tracking, use of wearables and Augmented Reality, PLC remote control or automated quality control systems.

Additional controls include the remote control of connected machinery, equipment monitoring or the management and control of entire remote industrial installations such as oil rigs. With the use of IIoT in industry, you can get an overview of how each component works in seconds.

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