RFID in Fleet Management

School transport management solution

School transport management solution to simplify tasks, address security needs and protect students. Route optimization, boarding and disembarkation management of students with real-time information to parents.

Route planning and optimization
Student management, student delivery-receipt planning
Real-time monitoring, live vehicle location, arrival time display
Route assessment and supervision
Evaluation of driver and attendant performance
Vehicle maintenance history
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Real Time Monitoring and Tracking

School bus control technology can also offer a wide range of benefits to the parents of students being transported. It is offered through a special Dashboard (control panel) the possibility of displaying, in real time, information about the condition and location of the vehicles, information about the driver, the attendant and the boarding students. It is the real-time information solution for parents.

It is also possible to monitor the driving behavior of the vehicle, but also the full display of the location and speed of the vehicle, the name of the driver, the attendant and their contact details. Finally, the parents are notified of the arrival of the vehicle, along with immediate notifications of any delays / changes in the route.

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Key Advantages of the Solution

Passenger management

Boarding / disembarking management

NFC & RFID compatible

Route planning and navigation

Vehicle maintenance and fault alert

Compliance Checklist

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Key Benefits for the parents

Live Vehicle Feed

Arrival notification

Estimated Arrival

Updates & Messages

Route history

Notify and Leaves

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Transportation Security in the middle of Covid-19

Our children are at risk for Covid infection. It is important to establish standard operating procedures, instructions and train staff to ensure their safety.

Drivers and escorts are required to report daily to the system on their state of health before taking up their duties. We have also created a series of checklists – fully customizable – which the driver & attendant must adhere to and complete before and after the routes.

Also, there is an immediate report on the management of the capacity of bus seats and there is a mandatory body temperature measurement before boarding daily.

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