BOPIS Smart Lockers

The ultimate solution for receiving products without physical presence!

Give your customers the opportunity to receive the products from a smart locker which is open 24 hours a day, at the time they choose, without shipping costs, without overcrowding and without the need to employ your staff. Although you’ve heard of BOPIS, you may not have a clear idea of ​​what it really is.

At a basic level, BOPIS is quite simple. BOPIS is an additional shipping option that appears in online checkout or telephone orders. Your customers can complete the purchase, by selecting the shipping option to pick up their order at the store (or elsewhere). When their order is ready, they will receive a notification to collect their products at any time they choose.

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Advantages of BOPIS Lockers

Suitable for indoor or outdoor
Modular & scalable with a wide variety of dimensions
High quality construction
Easy maintenance & upgrade
Immediate installation & operation
Multiple confirmation & acceptance options (NFC, RFID, QR, Barcode)
Object detection
Easy to use, friendly for the disabled
Secure & stable internet connection
Durable construction

Smart Lockers BOPIS Dimensions

50cm x 10cm (Small)

50cm x 12cm (Medium)

50cm x 42cm (Large)

50cm x 85cm (X-Large)

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Special Equipment of BOPIS Smart Locker

Special Equipment of BOPIS Smart Locker

How the Smart Locker BOPIS system works

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