ZeusRFID and Asset Management

What do you know about your physical assets?

How many are there, in which location and in what condition?

What you cannot measure, you cannot control, manage, or improve.

ZeusRFID has developed and implemented an innovative physical asset management system that allows companies to easily inventory, locate and manage their assets.

The system takes inventory much faster (up to 20 times compared to manual or linear processes), with less effort and cost. The management platform in combination with the RFID tag facilitates the control of fixed assets in a reliable and efficient way.

The ZeusRFID Asset Management application is applied to all organizations, private or public, and companies that have significant assets and want to drastically control their life cycle. It is ideal even for groups of companies that want to collect the information of assets and to run it centrally, to receive reports on the use and maintenance of assets, to streamline their supplies and all this with a few clicks.


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What do you achieve by using Asset Management System by ZeusRFID?

Fast & Accurate Inventory of Assets
Knowledge of where each Asset is located
Prevent potential item losses
Ensure Staff Accountability

Key Features of AMS by Zeus RFID

Description of AMS Application by ZeusRFID


Handheld RFID Readers

RFID Portals & Gates


AMS software by ZeusRFID


Benefits of AMS Application by ZeusRFID

Cost savings
Loss Reduction
Rationalization of Expenditures
Immediate Identification and Troubleshooting of Problems
Αwareness of the assets quantities
Correct and timely Asset retirement
New purchases, when and only as many needed
Correcting Wrong Balances
Optimized Stock Planning
Complete Awareness of each Asset’s Use-cycle
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