RFID in Access Control

Manage and Control the Access Everywhere, in Real Time.

In ZeusRFID we have developed and deployed several access control projects. They are operational in various organizations to manage people and vehicles that entering or exiting the premises of our customers. Our customers are military units, hotels, highway operators and more. We are using UHF RFID, NFC and QR code identification technologies for our Access Control projects. You can see below the basics of this application.

RFID access control systems have the ability to determine who, where and when one enters a building or a room / space. It allows you to have information about the number of people in an organization or an event, such as a sporting event or music festival, as well as to permit or deny people’s access to certain places. RFID access control systems are also proven valuable to any a company, to control the schedule (arrival / departure) of the employees, to determine in which points they have access within the company and to monitor individuals who visit the premises of the company. The system allows you to set security locks (controllers or regulators) and access classification to sensitive areas (offices, archive, server rooms, etc.). You can set, beyond the people who have access, the hours, and days of entry. It can also be combined with other security identification technologies e.g., Biometrics.

Access control can be extended to vehicles. The system automates and accelerates the process of entry and exit of vehicles in your facilities. More specifically, we place an RFID reading system on the portal which will recognize the card or the RFID tag. The ID is automatically confirmed, and access is allowed or denied.

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Building & Staff access control via RFID / NFC technology

RFID technology is widely used in access control systems to allow only certified and authorized personnel to enter in specific areas.

The most common use of RFID in access control is in personnel gateway systems. In this case, RFID tags are used on a very basic level as identification cards (badges) for employees, providing a simple solution for any company that uses access control systems.

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology is a new type of RFID in lower frequency. NFC smart tags are enabled by smartphones, which act as both receivers and data transmitters. Advanced NFC access control systems are managed through smartphone-installed applications, which act as a key or information tag for an NFC-enabled reader.

The access control software system reads the data received from each RFID reader, allowing readers to accept and reject access requests to specific services, based on access levels or specific permissions.

Also, RFID / NFC access control systems can work with biometric security systems (biometrics). For example, there may be a combination of security levels (fingerprint & card) on one door or multiple security levels (1st door card – 2nd door biometric footprint).

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Key Advantages of the Access Control Solution

No more lost keys!

When an employee stops working in a company and does not return the keys, the company has to bear the cost of creating new keys and possibly even changing the locks. The same happens when an employee loses the company keys. However, with an access control system, the company can simply remove the employee access card from the system / or issue a new card when necessary.

No more material losses

All businesses have commodities, products and lots of value items. It is certainly unfortunate to learn that someone you have given access to, is stealing from your business. An access control system monitors every person entering and leaving, eliminating the chances of theft. Valuables can be stored in areas with protected access.

100% controlled access!

In a large company with many employees and open spaces, it can be difficult for everyone to know who is an employee and who is not. An access control system helps prevent unauthorized people from entering your facility areas.

Shift control at every level!

If a company has multiple shifts with large groups of employees around the clock, an access control system can help organize staff, keep track of the working time and more.

Secure your sensitive information!

Your business may have trade secrets or sensitive information. You need to make sure that only accredited staff have access to the area. An access control system allows a business to restrict access to certain areas.

Increase security in your space!

An access control system increases the safety of employees when entering a business. It is much faster to draw a card than to look for the right key. In addition, the keys are easily copied, while the access card is not.

Reduce accidents!

An access control system allows a company to provide access only to approved or specially trained employees in designated areas. For example, a company may want to restrict who has access to a supply room, so that it can better monitor supplies. Or a company may want to restrict access to areas with hazardous chemicals or equipment to reduce the chance of injuring an untrained worker.

Multiple access control in many facilities!

Many businesses have multiple locations. An access control system will not only allow a company to restrict access to those employees who only need to enter a building but will also allow access to those employees who need to enter all buildings.

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Vehicle control via RFID

The system, according to your requirements, will automate the process of entry and exit of vehicles at your premises. More specifically, we install a UHF RFID reading system which will recognize the label that will be allocated and will be placed on the cars of the executives and suppliers in the front windshield. The ID is automatically confirmed, and the bar is raised. The reader detects the tags worn by the vehicles and instructs the controller to raise the input or output bar, recognizing the antenna from which the tag was read. The maximum coverage range can reach 12 meters. The software can manage 2000 access permissions and store 3000 access control events. Each user is categorized into specific access parameters. It can create 15 time zones with day and time definition and holidays can be easily defined.

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