RFID employment in your healthcare facility (e.g. hospital, clinic, etc.) will undoubtedly provide serious tangible and intangible benefits through these applications:

Enhanced access control
Asset and equipment tracking/optimal utilization
Document / file management
Environmental conditions monitoring
Hand sanitization monitoring
Inventory management
Waste management
Wait time monitoring
Patient tracking
Anti-counterfeiting/product authentication
Bed / operating room management
Emergency response
Expiration date monitoring
Infant protection
Laundry management
Loss prevention
Parking management
Staff rounding management

These applications will help your organization to track items (assets and equipment), secure and manage your premises (operation room, secure/restricted areas, etc.), monitor locations and availability of doctors for emergencies, and overall improve customer (patient) satisfaction levels.

You will significantly improve patient and staff safety, you will increase quality of care while reducing financial waste and ultimately achieve greater patient satisfaction.

Financially, RFID will help you reduce pilferage and returns through improved monitoring of RFID tagged items and shipments, reduce hospital per patient cost by improving space management, and improve revenues by providing better patient information.