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about us / Zeus RFID

Based in Athens & Thessaloniki, Greece, ZeusRFID is a fresh, innovative company delivering cutting edge technology applications.

We are technology pioneers with a deep understanding of today’s business needs. We revolutionize business processes, thus, empowering our clients in creating new innovative opportunities for their customers and ultimately increasing their revenues.

Our team is comprised of experts in telematics, telecommunications, process consulting and software engineering.

We live and breathe everything and anything happening on our fields and pride ourselves on being at the forefront of technology.

We aim to always be 10 steps ahead of the crowd.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you and your business...

our values

Focused on Results

We really go for it and hold nothing back - we enjoy pushing and being pushed. We are passionate about our work and we always provide excellent results.

100% Delivery

We deliver every time exactly what you were promised!!!


We're fresh, open-minded and straightforward in both our dealings and our thinking. We advocate the right solutions to our clientele, not the ones that will make us the most money.


We come up with solutions for complex problems that add real value. We're resourceful, intelligent and business-savvy.


We aim to deliver work that's single-minded and effective. We're grounded: unpretentious, plain speaking and grown-up.

Excellent Quality

We get the job done using industry's best practices, even if the client doesn't know or care.

We have the answers you are
looking for

One Word; Technology! We are utilizing the Internet of Things (IoT), RFID, NFC, and more ground-breaking technologies to design and build tailor-made solutions that fit the people who need them most, YOU!!

….. Where is this item? How many items we have in stock? How can I attract more customers? Can I monitor my workforce movements? How can I engage my shop visitors? How can I be more competitive? Who entered this room yesterday at 9:00 am? How can I make my company more innovative? What do I need to do to increase my team’s productivity? How can I promote my products better?....

Just a small sample of questions from an endless list, which we can definitely help you answer.

Let’s see our process steps:

1. Kick-off:

We'll meet with your team on-site with a hands-on approach of understanding your company.

Knowing your unique business mentality is the cornerstone to discover your needs and target your “pain points”.

We always keep a consultative approach. We see you as a long-term partner, not as an one-off customer.

We'll answer questions like, "How can we be one step ahead of the competition?" "How can we be simple but innovative?" and tie the answers into an innovative, purposeful and effective solution.

Bottom line: We can help you work smarter not harder, be faster, more effective and far more efficient, bring down your costs, drive new sales, increase your business performance and productivity, become more competitive, increase your company value.

North Preview
North Preview

2. Solution Design:

We now have all the information to propose technological applications, specifically designed for your company to meet your actual needs.

We can help! We are committed to providing customers with the products and architectural guidance to succeed.

Our partners and suppliers are prestigious companies that excel in their fields throughout the world. Our solutions are used by thousands of individuals, organizations and corporations around the world.

We tailor our products to suit your unique needs. Our product mix proposition is done while maintaining compatibility and suitability for your case, not our profit maximization.

ZeusRFID offers much more than a pretty packaged solution.

We strive to make sure that our solutions do much more than look good; they work all the time every time!!!

3. Integration & Rollout:

Through the aforementioned methodology we ensure successful, on-time implementation of each solution. We follow a project based approach which means you will know whom you are talking to and have full visibility on milestones and overall progress.

We focus on ensuring that all company assets communicate continuously and harmonically.

North Preview
North Preview

4. Service – Support - Monitoring

We now have all the information to propose technological applications, specifically designed for your company to meet your actual needs.

And after all is done and working smoothly, we are going to ensure that what we keep benefiting you perpetually. That means that we are there for you for anything you may need, to support you and your people on every matter regarding our implementation and your processes.

We will safeguard your success, because only then it is our success too.




Radio Frequency IDentification.


Near Field Communication.


Controlling things or getting information remotely.


Internet of Things


our partners

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Auper Electronic Controls

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Global RFID

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